The basis for a new lifestyle

NutraFit39 is an innovative DNA test
leveraging on the fact that every individual has a unique genetic make-up and therefore unique nutritional needs.
NutraFit39 also recommends changes in diet and exercise based on your genetic profile. This gives you the best chances to improve your lifestyle.

NutraFit39 DNA including test

Metabolism and health

HDL (good) Cholesterol/高密度脂蛋白胆固醇(好)
LDL (bad) Cholesterol / 低密度脂蛋白胆固醇(坏)
Triglycerides / 三酸甘油酯
Blood sugar / 血糖
Alcohol / 酒精
Caffeine / 咖啡因
Lactose / 乳糖

Vitamins and minerals / 维生素和矿物质

Vitamin B6, B9, B12 / 维生素B6、B9、B12
Iron / 铁
Sodium (salt) / 钠(盐)
Potassium / 钾
Bone density / 骨骼密度

Influences on eating habits / 不同饮食习惯的影响

Consumption of sweet treats / 甜食摄入
Insatiability and hunger / 不饱腹感和饥饿感
Sweet taste perception / 甜味感知
Bitter taste perception / 苦味感知


Selenium / 硒
Vitamin E / 维生素E
Oxidative stress / 氧化压力


Nicotine addiction / 尼古丁成瘾
Alcohol addiction / 酒精成瘾
Biological ageing / 生物老化

Sports and exercise / 运动和锻炼

Muscle structure / 肌肉结构
Body and training / 身体和锻炼
Your aerobic potential (Vo2max) / 有氧潜力(VO2max)
Soft Tissue injury / 软组织损伤
Post exercise recovery / 运动后的恢复
Fat burning gene / 燃烧脂肪基因
Warrior gene / 勇士基因
Muscle volume gene / 肌肉体积基因
Hypertrophy and muscle volume gene / 肥大和肌肉体积基因
Heart capacity / 心脏容量