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Invest in your health
and learn how variations
in your genes
affect your body.

Explore your inner you with a DNA test

Our qualities and abilities is a combination of our genetic inheritance and environment. We influence our health the way we eat, train and rest. Although we can never change your genes, we can change our lifestyle.

Nutrafit 39 is not only a DNA test, but also a guidebook full of personalized advice and information about your body so you can adapt your lifestyle to your particular genes. It is an opportunity to explore and better understand yourself.

NutraFit39 Service Process

      Order NutraFit39

Receive the Saliva Collection kit with instructions
Fill the tube provided with your saliva

Return the tube to the laboratory
following instructions provided

Send us your saliva and we find the important variations in 100+
genes and provide you with a personal report on your genetic
profile. The report is based on the most recent scientific research.

Few weeks later you receive your 100+ pages NutraFit 39
Book with your individual gene report with personalized
guidelines how to keep fit.